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Planning Commission Responsibilities
The Comprehensive Plan
It shall be the duty of the commission to propose and recommend a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the City to the City Council.

The comprehensive plan shall be prepared in compliance with all applicable laws with the general purpose of providing for a coordinated development of the City, which shall best promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the City's populace. In the preparation of the comprehensive plan, the commission shall have authority to: 
  • Conduct investigations, studies, and surveys
  • Develop maps, charts, exhibits, and reports
  • Hold open, public hearings
  • Perform all other acts and duties necessary for the promotion of public interest and understanding of its programs and plans

Additional Responsibilities
The Planning Commission may also serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council in the following matters:
  1. Opening, closing, vacating, and abandoning streets, alleys, and other public ways
  2. The location, character, and use of public ways, grounds, and spaces; the general location of major public buildings, structures, and facilities
  3. The location, maintenance, and operation of public ways, including freeways, highways, streets, alleys, boulevards, parkways, waterways, airways, airports, and other public transportation and transit facilities now or hereafter established
  4. The general location, character, extent, and use of parks, playgrounds, community centers, squares, public buildings, and structures
  5. The location and extent of routes and rights of way of public utilities, whether publicly or privately owned
  6. The acquisition, extension, widening, removal, vacating, or abandoning of any of the foregoing ways, open spaces, or buildings
  7. The study of a land use plan showing the proposed general distribution, location, and extent of residential areas, business areas, industrial areas, and areas for recreation and education and other categories of public and private use of land
  8. Recommend standards and regulations affecting land subdivision
  9. Recommend regulations governing the use of land; the height, area, bulk, and uses of public and private buildings and structures
  10. Recommend the adoption of traffic regulations
  11. Recommend the adoption of regulations and ordinances calculated to promote the healthful and convenient distribution of population in the City, the promotion of public safety, the promotion and development of attractive overall civic design, the development of natural resources within the City, and the promotion and development of metropolitan area planning, growth, and expansion

For more information concerning the responsibilities of the Sheridan Planning Commission, call the Community Development Department at 303-762-2200.

City of Sheridan
City of Sheridan Colorado
4101 S. Federal Blvd, Sheridan, Colorado 80110-5399     Ph: 303-762-2200     Fx: 303-438-3398
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