2023 Municipal Candidates

Elected City Council members will each serve a four-year term.

The candidates shown are listed in the order they will appear on the official ballot.

Ward 1

Desiree Stange (Write-in Candidate)

Desiree Stange

Ward 2

No petitions were submitted.

Ward 3

Ernie Camacho

Ernie CamachoI was born in LaJunta, Colorado in 1960 and spent most of my life in Sheridan, Colorado.  I received my education from Sheridan Schools district.  Upon graduation, I proudly served in the United States Army for 15 years.  I was deployed to many locations around the world, I have served in Panama, Germany, and Desert Storm, just to name a few.

I purchased my home in Sheridan in 2005 where I have enjoyed raising my family and making many lifelong friends.  For the past 18 years, I have contributed to the community by working at Gibson Athletic, where I assisted in crafting gymnastics equipment.  Presently, I am employed at Rails Plus, Inc., where I build custom cabinets.  

From November 2009 to November 2017, I proudly represented Ward 3 as a Council Member, receiving awards from both the Sheridan Police Department and the Colorado Municipal League for my dedicated service.  During the tenure, I played a role in the growth of River Point and spearheaded repairs to our streets and sidewalks. 

With a lifelong commitment to our city, I am dedicated to continuing to serve our community, addressing its needs and ensuring a bright future for all residents.  I work well under pressure and understand the importance of keeping Sheridan strong and growing.  I have always enjoyed contributing new ideas and I am self-motivated and an excellent team player. 

I am currently on the board of Trustees for Sheridan Historical Society, which allows me to continue preserving our community’s rich history.

With my extensive experience in both the military and local industry, I am committed to applying a diverse skill set to the role of City Council Member.  Please vote for me Ernie Camacho, first on the ballot for ward 3.  Together we can shape a prosperous future for Sheridan.

CJ Clark

CJ ClarkAfter living in the City of Sheridan for nearly 13 years, what I value most is that it’s clean, safe, and one of the best places to raise a family and create a future for generations to come.  

I believe to make us stronger is the idea of “where there is unity there is strength” to insure that every family in the city is healthy and stable. 

Creating the spirit of unity: TEAM: Together Everybody Achieves More… this is the goal and vision for our community.

Graduated from Sam Houston TX 91 Medical Corp. and served our country on the border of North Korea in 1977, US Army, 2ndDivision Infantry as a combat medic.

I studied Internal Healing at Kaohsiung, University in Taiwan and have been running Fitness, Tai Chi and Healing Centers in CO for 33 years. 

I own and operate a health fitness Center, CHI LIFE, in Sheridan for adults and children. Bringing health, fitness and self-defense to the families of Sheridan has helped protect us and keep our city safe. 

I have done significant outreach to our community and created classes for at risk children, their families and adults on a donation basis. And.

I have won National and International awards and titles in Tai Chi and Kung Fu, including representing the US in Seoul, Korea in 1989, winning the World Championship. 

I was recruited by coach Dan Reeves Denver Broncos coach to help focus the team to the Super Bowl. and also starred in five Kung Fu movies. 

Personally, I enjoy the outdoors of Co, camping, swimming, hiking, and observing wildlife in its natural environment.

I am seeking a seat on the council, I value our community and want to utilize the skills and experiences I have gained to further enrich our city.