Neighborhood Ambassador Program


People, Connection, Community Pride

The Neighborhood Ambassador Program allows residents to be more actively involved in their neighborhoods by enhancing community engagement and amplifying two-way communication between residents and the city.

Neighborhood Ambassadors may volunteer just a little bit of free time or chose to devote significant efforts toward neighborhood projects that connect neighbors.

How it works:

To serve as an Ambassador, residents must be 18 years of age, and must successfully complete a background check. Once selected, Ambassadors my choose how much time they will dedicate to the program - the city just asks that volunteers are responsive to communications received by the city. 

There are several ways to serve as a volunteer (please see the tips sheet below) however the two main expectations of volunteers are:

  1. Sign up for and promote the city's e-newsletter, news alerts, and social media
  2. Share with neighbors important information as it relates to events, community projects, surveys, studies, etc. Any information that requires materials will be provided by the city.

Ideas & Tips Sheet for Ambassadors

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Questions? Please contact the program coordinator, Amy Woodward at or 303-438-3305.