Comprehensive Plan and Studies

Sheridan Comprehensive Plan

In 2015 the City of Sheridan updated its comprehensive plan to guide future land use decisions and ensure that growth meets the needs of current and future Sheridan residents. Specific goals for each Sheridan neighborhood were identified along with implementation strategies to achieve these goals. The attached appendix includes individual maps, survey responses, and attachments which were used to create the recommendations outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.

2021 Updated Sign Code

On September 13th of 2021 the Sheridan City Council passed and approved the updated sign code for the City of Sheridan. This new sign code is in accordance with the United States of America Supreme Court's ruling on Reed v Town of Gilbert regulated signage.

Pool Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study for the Reuse of the Sheridan Pool Building was funded by Colorado Health Foundation Grant and was completed in January of 2019 in coordination with The Community and Neighborhood Development Office (CANDO), the Sheridan School District Number 2, and South Suburban Parks and Recreation District.

Sheridan Boomer Bond

The City of Sheridan completed the Boomer Bond in conjunction with community partners and the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) in 2017. The report highlights the unique challenges faced by older adults in Sheridan and provides specific recommendation for future consideration.

Safe Routes to School Grant

The City of Sheridan and CDOT completed the study of Safe Routes to School Non - Infrastructure in 2014.

South Platte Connections Study

As a member of the South Platte Working Group, the City of Sheridan participated in the creation of the Connections Study with several partners including the Cities of Littleton and Englewood, South Suburban Parks and Recreation District, and Arapahoe County. This working group was formed in 2008 to improve recreational amenities and promote compatible development along the South Platte River. The Connections Study identified several east-west connections along the South Platte River which can be improved to encourage access to the river. Specific recommendations for Hampden Avenue, Oxford Avenue, Dartmouth Avenue, and Federal Boulevard can be found in the report.

South Santa Fe Business Park

During the Spring and Summer of 2017 Downtown Colorado Inc. (DCI) met with the City of Sheridan community and local leaders to discuss infrastructure improvements in the South Santa Fe Business Park (SSFBP). This report gives an overview of the needs of this area of Sheridan and what property owners in the area would like to see in the SSFBP.

Food Access Presentation

On July 10th of 2020, staff shared a presentation with the CANDO group discussing food access within the community. The presentation covers studies the city has participated in, efforts the city has made to help address food access within the community, and other resources available.