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New Bag Fee - Effective January 1, 2023

The State of Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 21-1162, requiring a 10¢ fee for paper and plastic bags. A store may provide a recycled paper bag or single-use plastic bag to a customer for a 10-cent fee. While municipalities can adopt a higher fee, the City of Sheridan has chosen to keep the fee at 10 cents, and at this time, the fee is not subject to city sales tax. The fee will not apply to bags for pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, or dietary supplements. There is an exception for retail food establishments that are restaurants and small stores that operate solely in Colorado and have 3 or less locations.

Businesses need to start collecting the fee on January 1, 2023. The first remittance to Sheridan will be Quarter 1, 2023. The quarterly due date will be the 20th of the month (04/20/23, 07/20/23, 10/20/23, 01/22/24). There will be a stand-alone return in the workflow of the business’ online account. Of the 10-cent fee collected, 6 cents will be remitted to the city and 4 cents will be kept by the business.

For more information regarding the fee, please reference:

Payment Structure Detail

Any entity engaged in business in the City of Sheridan is required to register for a Business License. Engaged in business is defined as performing or providing services, or selling, leasing, renting, delivering, installing or any activity in connection with the selling, leasing, renting, delivering, or installing in the city of tangible personal property. Below is the combined tax rate for retail sales:

Taxing AreaTax RatePhone NumberWebsite
Sheridan City Tax3.5%303-762-2200City of Sheridan Finance
State of Colorado Tax2.9%303-238-7378Colorado Department of Revenue
RTD Tax*1.0%303-238-7378Colorado Department of Revenue
Cultural Facilities Tax*0.1%303-238-7378Colorado Department of Revenue
Arapahoe County Open Space Tax0.25%303-759-4620Arapahoe County website
Combined tax rate7.75%

Remote sellers can register for an economic nexus license with the City of Sheridan via MuniRevs.

Remittance Submissions

Remittance of Sheridan sales tax should be submitted to: City of Sheridan via MuniRevs

Remittance of all other sales taxes should be submitted to:
State of Colorado - Department of Revenue

River Point Development Area

Businesses located in the River Point Development area should remit both Sales/Use tax and PIF returns to: City of Sheridan via MuniRevs

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For additional information sales taxes, contact the Finance Department at 303-762-2200.