Stormwater Explanation

Monthly Usage Fee

On June 29, 2005, the Drainage Utility Board of the City of Sheridan imposed a monthly usage fee for each improved lot and parcel of land within the City. The fee is used to fund the operation, maintenance, construction, improvement, and replacement of drainage services and facilities.

The fee is $4.13 per month for residential properties and $6.88 a month for commercial properties. The annual fee is $49.50 and $82.50, respectively.

A late charge of 15% of the unpaid balance is imposed for payments not received by the due date. The stormwater fee is declared to be a lien on real property and unpaid balances certified to the Treasurer’s Office of Arapahoe County for collection.

Additional Information

Review our Stormwater Billing FAQ for helpful information.

For more information about the Stormwater Monthly Usage Fee, contact the Public Works Department at 720-596-4429.