City taxes collected during each month are due and payable on or before the 20th of the following month.

For your convenience, the City of Sheridan has an online payment system to facilitate the collection of taxes. For tax payments, please login to your MuniRevs account.

For State of Colorado remittance, please login here.

Sales and Use Tax System (SUTS)

For remote sellers with no nexus in Sheridan, use the State of Colorado's SUTS Portal. SUTS allows remote sellers to register and file multiple sales/use tax returns for the State of Colorado and participating home-rule municipalities. To verify a location is within Sheridan city limits, there is a GIS addressing system, you can use here

Please note, the cities of Sheridan and Englewood share a zip code. A property within Sheridan may have a mailing address of Englewood.

2021 City Audit

2021 City of Sheridan Audit

2022 City of Sheridan Adopted Budget

2022 City of Sheridan Adopted Budget (PDF)

Residential Waste Collection Fees

Resolution Number 20-2014 (PDF)

Residential Waste and Recycling Collection Service Fees

Trash Collection is provided by Republic Services. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Republic Services Directly at 303-286-1200.

City Fee Schedule

City of Sheridan 2023 Fee Schedule (PDF)

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