Snow Removal & Snow Routes

Establishing Priority

When the City receives a significant amount of cumulative snow cover, streets will be plowed and sanded in order of priority, as designated by the following schedule:

  • Priority One: All arterial/collector streets
  • Priority Two: Milan Avenue, Fort Logan Elementary School area, Hill Area, Clay Street, and Mansfield Avenue
  • Priority Three: The balance of the City

Sanding Regulations

Sand is only used only on intersections and steep grades and is used in short segments. Colorado law requires the City to reduce sand and salt use by 30% each year. Alternative deicing agents are not used currently by the City as they are cost-prohibitive.

Additional Information

The Colorado Department of Transportation is responsible for snow removal on the three state highways that pass through Sheridan: US-285, Federal Boulevard, and Santa Fe Drive.

For more information about snow removal and snow routes, contact Public Works at 720-596-4429.