City Manager


The City of Sheridan functions within a Council-Manager form of government. The city manager is the chief administrative officer of the City and is hired by the City Council.

The city manager is responsible for:

  • Acting as the City's Economic Development Director
  • Advising the City Council of the financial condition of the City as well as its existing and future financial needs
  • Creating and submitting to the City Council an annual city budget and monthly financial reports
  • Enforcing the City Council's ordinances, resolutions, policies, and other directives
  • Exercising supervision and control over all city departments except Council-appointed officials
  • Implementing personnel policy for all city employees

Our City Manager

Devin Granbery has a B.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is currently working toward a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Colorado at Denver. Granbery's prior economic development experience includes work as Town Manager for Dillon, Colorado., since 2007, Department head in the Town of Superior where he put together an extensive plan and guided the economic development efforts of Superior for four years. His interest and dedication to economic development started over ten years ago when he was working on the City of Thornton's administrative team and was selected as a founding member of the city's very first economic development department.