COVID-19 Restaurant Guidance

Restaurant Revitalization Fund

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund (Fondo de revitalización de restaurantes), part of the American Rescue Plan Act, will provide $28.6 billion in grants to restaurants and bars in need. SBA started accepting applications via the application portal on Monday, May 3 at 10 am MST. The application portal will remain open to any eligible establishment until all funds are exhausted. 

General Guidance

The City of Sheridan is creating a temporary program to allow restaurants to operate in outdoor settings adjacent to their businesses. The intent of the program is to allow for greater physical distancing and safety for patrons. In accordance with State requirements and guidelines, the City of Sheridan will begin reviewing permits for expanded outdoor seating and service options for restaurants immediately. Please note, you must obtain approval of your proposed outdoor patio and service plans by the City of Sheridan (in addition to all State approvals for liquor-licensed establishments) prior to commencing operations. 

Outdoor Eating Areas are TEMPORARILY permitted on walkways and in parking lots to assist restaurants and bars with COVID-19 social distancing and occupancy requirements, subject to the following:

  • Permits are REQUIRED but the fees are waived.
  • Control of the premises (e.g. physical barriers or signage) is required for consumption of alcoholic beverages in the outdoor eating area. A modification of premises application is required for businesses with existing liquor licenses to expand onto a sidewalk or into a parking lot. Contact the City Clerk for details via email at
  • For outdoor eating areas located on sidewalks adjacent to the building, ensure safe pedestrian access is provided between the eating area and parking lot wherever possible.
  • For outdoor eating areas extending into the parking area directly adjacent to the business, ensure adequate distance between the eating area and all auto drive aisles. 
  • For outdoor eating areas extending into the parking area and drive aisles for the parking lot, ensure adequate safety for pedestrians and customers by providing a barrier separating the eating area from the parking lot and auto drive aisles.
  • Outdoor eating areas located in parking areas not adjacent to the business without proper barriers are not permitted.
  • Tents associated with the outdoor eating area are permitted, but must be shown on the site plan diagram for the permit.

Please complete and submit the Temporary Use Application if you plan to extend an existing food service business onto an adjacent parking lot, landscaped area or public right-of-way. For reopening an existing patio or interior dining area please see State Guidance for Restaurants and Food Services for more information on State requirements. New business licenses may be applied for at:

This temporary use process is for outdoor seating and service only. It does not replace requirements for Special Event Permits which MUST be applied for directly with the Department of Public Works.