Planning and Zoning

Contact Information

The Sheridan Planning and Zoning Department can be reached at 303-438-3307 or by email.

City of Sheridan Zoning Map

Current Zoning Map (PDF)

Pre-Planning Application

The City of Sheridan’s Planning and Zoning Department offers a pre-application review process.

Pre-Planning Application (PDF)

Applications must be submitted by 4:30 pm on a Tuesday, to be scheduled for a meeting with Staff the following week on a Wednesday morning.

Applications and Forms

Address Request Form (PDF)
Adjacent Property Owner Lookup Guide (PDF)
Affidavit of Posting for Public Hearing (PDF)
Application for Eligible Facilities Request (PDF)
Cost Sharing Agreement (PDF)
Land Use Case Processing Application (PDF)

Residential Side Setbacks (PDF)
River Point Signage Application (PDF)
Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF)
Temporary Banner Requirements (PDF)
Temporary Use Permit Application (PDF)
Temporary Use Requirements (PDF)
Zoning Verification Request Form (PDF)

Guides & Checklist

The attached guides contain approval procedures for each process and the required attachments for each application.

Site Development Plan (PDF)
Conditional Use Permit (PDF)
Lot Line Adjustment (PDF)
Preliminary Subdivision Plat (PDF)
Final Subdivison Plat (PDF)
Rezoning (PDF)
PUD Rezoning & Modification (PDF)

Residential Density Schedule (PDF)
Short-Term Rental (PDF) Spanish (PDF)

Landscape Plan Checklist (PDF)

River Point Design Standards (PDF)

River Point Sign Standards (PDF)