Permit Applications

The City of Sheridan does not offer "Over the Counter Permits" All permits are reviewed and approved by the Building Inspector and could take 2 to 3 days for approval. Please plan your job accordingly.

The City of Sheridan requires a non-refundable deposit of 1/3 of the permit fee on all Building Permits.

  1. Residential Building Permits
  2. Commercial Building Permits
  3. Signs
  4. Right of way permits

A Residential Permit (PDF) is required for residential remodels, and structural changes. Two sets of plans are required for the Building Inspector's review as well as an itemized cost estimate or invoices detailing work to be performed.

Requirements for submitting a Residential Building Permit (PDF).

Guidelines for submitting Residential Fence Permit (PDF).

In addition to a Residential Permit application, a Home Owner's Permit (PDF) may be obtained if the Owner resides in the Residential property. All investment property improvements must be performed by a Licensed Contractor. Two sets of plans are required for the Building Inspector's review prior to permit being issued. Plans must include a site plan showing all structures, dimensions to property lines, alley location (if existing) and street name. Also required is an itemized cost estimate/invoices detailing work to be performed, or an itemized Architect's or Contractor's cost estimate.

Plumbing/Mechanical/Landscaping Permit (PDF) application is required for all new installations or replacements. Water Heater Code Requirements (PDF)

A Roofing Permit (PDF) is required for ALL new roofing jobs or roof replacements. Along with the Roofing Permit application, a copy of the Manufacture's Specifications is required showing a Lifetime Wind Warranty of 100 MPH. Roofing Code Requirements (PDF)