Priority Two

Street Details

The following areas (listed in priority order) will be considered second priority for snow removal:

  • Milan Avenue (Federal Boulevard to Lowell Boulevard)
  • Fort Logan Elementary School area, including:
    • Lehigh Avenue (Lowell Boulevard to Irving Street)
    • Irving Street (Lehigh Avenue to Kenyon Avenue)
    • Knox Court (Kenyon Avenue to Knox Court)
    • Kenyon Avenue (Lowell Boulevard to Federal Boulevard) - Designated emergency snow route
  • Hill Area (safety priority area for school buses), including:
  • Eliot Street (Hampden Avenue to Floyd Avenue)
    • Floyd Avenue (Eliot Street to Dale Court)
    • Dale Court (Dartmouth Avenue to Hampden Avenue)
    • Bryant Street (Hampden Avenue to Dartmouth Avenue)
    • Clay Street (Dartmouth Avenue to Hampden Avenue)
    • Canosa Court (Hampden Avenue to Floyd Avenue)
    • Floyd Avenue (Canosa Court to Zuni Street)
    • Girard Avenue (Zuni Street to Clay Street)
  • Clay Street (Oxford Avenue to Mansfield Avenue)
  • Mansfield Avenue (Clay Street to Federal Boulevard)

For questions or comments about the priority two snow removal schedule, contact the Public Works Department at 303-738-1098.