Code Enforcement and Animal Control


The mission of the Neighborhood Services Unit is to protect the health, safety, and environment of the community and the citizens. We accomplish this by assuring compliance with the Sheridan Municipal Code, Zoning Ordinances, and the International Property Maintenance Code.

Voluntary Compliance

The Neighborhood Service Unit's philosophy is to work with property owners and businesses to gain voluntary compliance. Our voluntary compliance rate is at 94%.

As a last resort, the Neighborhood Services Unit at times finds it necessary to issue a summons to appear in court. The courts strive to gain compliance in these instances to ensure that all residents and business owners enjoy a high quality of life.

Neighborhood Inspection Services

The Neighborhood Inspection Services unit provides many other services including:

Unit Goal

The Neighborhood Services Unit strives to enhance community partnerships and to be an integral part of the Community.

For More Information

For more information about the Neighborhood Services Division, contact Randy Mourning, 720-638-8619.