Your Rights as a Defendant

Listing of Rights

You, as a defendant, have the right to:

  • Be represented by an attorney
  • A determination of whether or not you are entitled to a plea for a lesser charge
  • Appeal the court's finding to the Arapahoe County District Court of the 18th Judicial District if found guilty in trial
  • A reasonable continuance of your case for good cause
  • A trial by the court or by a jury
    • In order to obtain a jury trial, a written jury demand and a deposit of $25 must be paid to the court within 20 days of the entry of the not guilty plea
  • Be advised of the charges against you and the maximum penalty which may be imposed in the event of a plea or finding of guilty
  • Be given a full explanation of the charges against you
  • Be presumed innocent until every element has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Cross examine prosecution witnesses
  • Make an oral explanation in mitigation of a plea or finding of guilty
  • Plead guilty or not guilty to the offense(s) with which you are charged and be informed as to the legal effect of each
  • Present witnesses on your own behalf and have witnesses subpoenaed by the court
  • Testify or not testify in your own behalf

For More Information

For more information, please contact Court Administrator Kathi Husek at 303-762-2200.