Prosecuting Attorney


The city attorney is the prosecuting attorney representing the City of Sheridan. The city attorney can not represent you. If a case proceeds to trial, it is the city attorney who prosecutes the case.

Plea Bargains

If you request to speak to the city attorney regarding a traffic violation, he or she will review your driving record and may offer a reduction of points in exchange for pleading guilty to the lesser charge. A plea bargain offer is based on your driving record or other circumstances contained in the officer's notes or accident report.

Additional Requirements

As part of a plea bargain, the city attorney may also require:

  • Alcohol / substance abuse class
  • Attendance at defensive driving school
  • Community service
  • Conflict management class
  • Domestic violence class

No Plea Bargain

The city attorney also has the right to not offer a plea bargain on a general ordinance violation. This decision may be based on provided reports, prior criminal history, or other evidence in the case. If the city attorney does not offer a plea bargain, you may set the case for trial or enter a guilty plea.

If you plead not guilty, you may view the evidence which would be introduced as evidence at trial. This includes the offense report and a list of witnesses that will be called for trial.

For More Information

The city attorney is only available during the evening when court is in session. Your case must be scheduled for a session in order to meet with the city attorney.

For more information, please contact Court Administrator Kathi Husek at 303-762-2200.