Jury Trials

Jury Trial Qualifications

The City of Sheridan Municipal Court only allows jury trials in certain circumstances. Receiving a summons does not necessarily entitle you to a jury trial. If box A is checked on your ticket, you are not entitled to a jury trial. If box B is checked, you may be entitled to a jury trial.

You are not qualified for a jury trial for penalty assessment tickets that are less than 12 points (offenses for which jail time will not be imposed). During your advisement, or first appearance before the judge, you will be told whether or not you are entitled to a jury trial.


If your case qualifies and you wish to have a jury trial, you must:

  • File a written demand for a jury trial of three or six persons
  • Pay a $25 jury deposit within 20 days of entering your not guilty plea

These requirements must be tendered at the same time. If either is not met, your case will be set for a trial before the Court.

Jury Duty

Serving as a juror in the Sheridan Municipal Court is easy. The "One-Evening, One-Trial" rule allows citizens to fulfill their jury duty responsibilities and quickly return to their normal routines.

If you receive a jury summons, you will be given approximately one month's notice before your service begins. If for any reason you cannot serve as a juror, you must contact the Sheridan Municipal Court Clerk and provide an explanation.

For More Information

For more information, please contact Court Administrator Kathi Husek at 303-762-2200.